Staying on Character

Wanted to share some more process work for Sector Four. One area in my artwork that I’m trying to improve and something that stood out to me in doing the prologue story was that I need to put more effort into what animators call “staying on character”. Making sure the proportions are correct and the characters look the same from image to image.

An exercise to help me out with this is to break the character down to basic shapes and look at how they relate to each other. This is a pretty easy task with adobe illustrator (I actually use illustrator for all of my drawing, but even you anti-illustrator folks would find this easy to do there).

In order to keep him symmetrical, I started just doing one half and then used the reflect tool to get the other half (see images below). It took a good bit of trial and error, after seeing how the reflected half threw off what I thought was good when only looking at the first half.

After that I filled in the base colors that I’ll be using. This will be handy to have around and reference when I’m working on the comic:

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  • Mister Flesh says:

    Dear Human Creator of Sector Four:

    I’ve been asked by my synthetics to comment on your work.

    X – 14, my personal assistant droid, made one comment after he projected the ten page teaser for me as I was polishing my knob … door knob…. (my wife likes them very shiny) X-14 said, “bzz, bzz, brilliant!” and I concur!

    The coloring especially caught my eye. My bio-monocle did pick up the subtle changes in the reds for each bot, and the architecture of Sector Four is dazzling!

    “Brutal, don’t cha think?”, was the analysis of Cunny (my pleasure model 13.6 .. and yes, I spent the extra on the tickler upgrade – don’t be jealous!)

    Brutal indeed! Cunny thought the little guy was so cute. I thought he was gonna live – turns out he ended up as scrap metal…Great!

    All in all, I’m intrigued and can’t wait to read some more!

    P.S. x-14 wants a guest spot!

    Issac Deckard